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Paleontology,  Ski Slopes, Mycology and Natural & Cultural Environment

Dinopolis - The Dinosaur Tracks Road

The Dinosaur Tracks Road, a rute to discover the paleontological sites of Teruel. It runs for 50 kilometers along Teruel roads passign, in addition to the reference towns Galve and el Castellar, the route passes through other towns with numerous important paleontological sites. An alternative route has been devised between Cedrillas and Camarillas that passes through the Aliaga geological park and Miravete de la Sierra, where a new ignite deposit is located.


Made up of a large central park in Teruel and seven more centers, in seven twons in its province. Dinópolis combines science and fun so that you can experience teh fascinating world of dinosaurs up close. A journey of 4.5 billion years in which you will hear the first beats oh the Earth's heart, become an expert paleontologist, walk among dinosaurs and feel the history of life.


Ski Resort Aramon Valdelinares

The most important activity during the winter season is skiing at Valdelinares ski resort. We provide you with a map on how to get there from Gúdar, photos, and a lot of information on how to plan your weekend in the snow.

The ski slopes are located very close to Gúdar, just a 25-minute drive away. The route itself is a true spectacle when covered in snow.

Prepare your day on the snow conveniently from the comfort of our Hostal.

Ski/Snow Equipment Rental

At Hostal Gudar, you can rent equipment and book ski lessons at advantageous prices. We work with Vicsa shop to provide you with everything you need for your day of skiing. You can prepare everything in advance from home to make the most of your time on the slopes. 

Additional options such as roof racks, waxing, or other services can be discussed with Vicsa shop.
For reservations, please contact them at 633 69 11 63. (Francisco)

Artificial ski slope/ Tubing

It is a year-round skiing facility and the first synthetic ski slope in Spain. It is a small and charming slope designed for learning and practicing skiing throughout the year, as well as for tubing. Here's more information:
The ski slope is 100 meters long, 16 meters wide, with a maximum incline of 15%. There is a tubing area where you can ride down on a donut-shaped tube, and a conveyor belt that takes you back up to the top.
You only pay for the use of the ski lift, whether it's for the slope or tubing. You can go down the slope or tubing as many times as you want within an hour. However, please note that the capacity is limited, and more than 40 people at a time won't fit.

Micology - Mushroom Fair

Those who try it... come back for more. We're talking about mushroom hunting in the forest. It's an autumnal hobby that attracts both novices and experts alike. What better excuse to get out into nature, travel, learn more about the natural world, and above all, taste this delicacy in its various culinary forms?

During the autumn season, our guests can enjoy free mountain outings to collect mushrooms and savor seasonal mushrooms in our restaurant.

GÚDAR MUSHROOM FAIR: During the Mushroom Fair, guided Mushroom Routes will be available for those less experienced or for anyone who wants to have a family experience. This includes a guided route through the mountains and a mushroom tasting session in our restaurant.

ATTENTION: The consumption of mushrooms should be done responsibly, as some can be toxic. If you are not familiar with them, it is best not to consume them. ENVIRONMENT: Behavior in nature should be respectful and considerate. Do not destroy mushrooms or fungi that you are not familiar with, and do not litter the area. By maintaining the beauty of the mountains, you and others can continue to enjoy them. Please also respect the kilogram limit per person established in the area.

Mycological Routes - Learn in the heart of nature - Collect and Identify

During the autumn season (September-October), you can enjoy tastings and mushroom routes, either self-guided or guided, where you can learn about and taste the local mushrooms and fungi.
The guided mushroom routes are conducted in groups during the Mushroom Fair, which takes place in October. You can request more information by contacting us or sign up for the routes on the town's official website.
For self-guided mushroom routes, you can enjoy them with your family or partner. Spend a weekend in the fall and, if you're planning to do a mushroom route, we suggest finishing it off with our Local Mushroom Tasting. With this tasting, you'll have the opportunity to try and learn about different mushroom species. The tastings are held during the day (not in the evenings) and consist of a variety of tapas and dishes. Additionally, by booking your tasting, we will provide you with a small guide on best collection practices for your mountain getaway and to learn more about the world of mycology and its current regulations.

Design your custom trip

Because no two families are the same nor two trips are the same, we leave you below a series of plans to do as a family or with your partner. Find the one that best suits your tastes and enjoy a fun and quiet stay in the mountains. 

During the summer you can also find a multitude of summer activities for all ages, as well as popular celebrations.
In Gúdar, the patron saint festivities of San Juan and the Friendship Parties take place at the end of August.

More Plans and Activities

Birding Teruel

Birding Teruel offers birdwatching tours, visits to photography hides, an introduction to ornithology, environmental workshops for children, and the opportunity to spot the Spanish Ibex. If you're interested in this activity, you can visit their website at

Aventura Blanca Alcalá de la Selva
Experience adventure in the natural surroundings of Masía Agua Blanca in Alcalá de la Selva. Some of the activities offered include paintball, archery, hiking, and canyoning. For more information, please contact 692025612.

Escucha Mining Museum
Visit the only accessible coal mine in Spain. Reservations are required for visits. Visit their website at or call 978756705.

Canyoning through Vía Ferrata
This Vía Ferrata route does not have any complicated sections and takes place in an unparalleled environment where you can see the narrow canyons of the river and numerous geological formations. You can find equipment rental for the route at Casa Fausto (Formiche Alto, 978 67 01 21). Here is a link with more information about this activity:

Aliaga Geological Park
The Aliaga Geological Park is a natural space and viewpoint from which you can admire magnificent geological formations and structures sculpted into spectacular reliefs. These are considered nearly unique examples by scientists worldwide. There are self-guided routes and guided visits available. For more information, visit:

Galáctica Observatory
Galáctica is an astrophysical observatory open to the public. It is an interpretation and practice center for astronomy located in Arcos de las Salinas. You can reserve tickets for lunar and solar observations as well as visits. Limited capacity, and prior registration through the website is required.

Valdelinares Ski Resort
Valdelinares is located in the heart of the Teruel mountains at an altitude of 2,000 meters, just 12 kilometers from the town of Gúdar.

Chopo Cabecero Geological Park
This cultural park brings together landscapes, art, culture, nature, traditions, and tourism. On their website, you will find information about routes, villages to visit, and cultural activities. They also offer activities for all ages and workshops for children during the summer. For more information, visit their website.

Trufiturismo at La Trufa Negra
Trufiturismo offers couples, families, and groups a dynamic and fun way to explore and learn about the mysterious delicacy known as black truffle. This activity is only available during the season, and you'll have the opportunity to see firsthand how truffles are harvested. Visit their website at

Based in Villarroya de los Pinares, this company offers guided tours and "Abriendo Pueblos" (Opening Villages) experiences, allowing you to discover the essence of rural life in the heart of the villages. You can combine these activities with a ceramics workshop at Villa Rubei to complete your day. Visit their website at